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GRA Teenage success camp

For Students Entering 6th – 12th Grade
July 8 - July 26, 2022
Session 1 - July 8 - 17
Session 2 - July 17 - 26

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The GRA Teenage Success Camp provides a hands-on solution for students entering grades 6-12 struggling with anxiety, depression, social isolation, high functioning autism, and ADHD. The GRA Teenage Success Camp teaches successful life and social skills, mindfulness techniques, emotional health, and physical health through hands-on, real-life experience.

Emphasizing the importance of social, emotional, and recreational growth, participants will engage in various hands-on endeavors, including woodcraft in a state of the art all-hand tool workshop, equine therapy, which includes horseback riding, cooking (the health of the body and the soul), and adventure therapy, which includes canoeing, hiking, and biking.

This program was created by Thomas Polak L.P.C.C., the Clinical Director of the Productive Growth Center at Grand River Academy. Mr. Polak has worked with adolesents for over a decade and has broken the bonds of traditional talk therapy, by integrating hands-on techniques in the counseling process. His one-of-a-kind hand tool workshop has become a space that allows young people to gain self-efficacy in a new and creative way. 

The GRA Teenage Success Camp engages students in many fun activities! Participants will enjoy the beaches of Lake Erie, recreational activities, and a nightly campfire! Campers will also receive individual and group therapy, social experiences, and discovering and countering the underlying causes of their electronic, emotional, or social challenges. It will be a time of comradery, emotional growth, and personal development!

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