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Letter from Alumni Association President

Dear Fellow Alumni,

How are all of you who I know and who I don't know but would like to meet someday?! Hopefully, everyone is doing well and is in good health!

I have always looked at the Alumni of Grand River Academy as a big family which may or may not necessarily be a "Happy" family. I, for one, can say that my experience at the Academy helped me feel much more confident about what I was capable of doing in an educational setting. Fortunately, I have had the privilege of speaking to many of you who have felt that GRA turned a bad situation into a great one!! I have also heard, on several occasions, that GRA "saved their lives!!" Those are very powerful and profound testimonials, but I also know that we have those of you who are not feeling as positive about your experience.

As President of the Alumni Association, I feel that one of my responsibilities is to tap on the shoulder of those to whom GRA meant so much and ask that you continue to support, either financially or on a volunteer basis, to help the school’s mission of helping other children whose shoes you once filled. I also feel it is important to ask those who do not feel as positive about their experience, to personally contact me so that we can discuss your concern. You may have an issue that has not been reviewed that could actually help the Academy improve.

It is probably best to use my personal email of for concerns and even ideas on how we, The Alumni Association, can improve!

Please review our new GRA Alumni section on our website where you will find class reunion information and volunteer opportunities. For one reason or another, you once needed Grand River Academy, and now the Academy needs you!

Please stay in touch, and thank you for taking the time to read my note!


Jim Stafford '79