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Welcome Home, GRA's Alumni

Our GRA alumni are our living history – carrying with them the traditions and heritage that

make Grand River Academy unique. Because of this, you are ambassadors for the school.

The new structure of the Alumni Association offers multiple ways for interested alumni to

get involved in individual areas of interest, including the creation of several new alumni

committees. These committees will provide our alumni with opportunities to make an impact

on the Association’s alumni program by sharing individual talents and working in areas of

specific interest.

As Grand River alumni, you represent a world-wide body of over 2,000 people. All graduates

of Grand River, and those who attended GRA, are members of the Alumni Association and

are encouraged to participate on alumni committees, and serve as Class Representatives.

The GRA Alumni Association exists for you. The mission is to connect and promote alumni

within Grand River Academy’s internal and external network while cultivating professional

development in an environment where community is paramount. Grand River remains

relevant and meaningful for you throughout your life by providing career, social, mentoring

and networking opportunities. And we invite you to take part in the many opportunities to

participate, contribute, and have fun.

Success Comes in Many Forms.