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1831 Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever 1831 Day - a day to celebrate the past, present, and future of Grand River Academy. We are so proud of the past 190 years of hard work and dedication by our students, Faculty, and alumni!

Your donations will have a direct impact on the young men who call GRA home. Your gifts are helping to provide:

  • Financial Aid: We provide financial aid to more than 35% of our students! These students are exceptional young men who otherwise would not be able to attend GRA


  • Student Life Programs/Materials: Many donations have aided in helping to fund various student life programs/materials such as Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Yearbook, weekend movies, and dorm snacks as well as provide aid for events such as Cedar Point, Paintball, and much more!


  • Athletics: Donations allow these students to flourish in whatever sport/activity they are participating in. Educating students on the benefits of being active and have a healthy lifestyle while participating in team sports/athletic activities will surely have a lasting impact on our students.


  • Facility Maintenance: Support towards facility maintenance helps to keep our classrooms in tip-top shape for all those who step on campus.


  • Faculty Professional Development: we are able to attract and retain the excellent and dedicated Faculty by providing competitive salaries, benefits, and continuing education programs.