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Life Outside of Class



Grand River Academy offers students a unique opportunity - to live at school amongst friends and teachers. Everything a young man needs to be successful is located in one place. Students needing extra help after class or in the evening are able to meet face-to-face with their teachers; afternoon activities are just a short walk across campus; and friends living in one of our five dormitories makes after-school hangouts easier than ever. Boarding at Grand River Academy means living in a welcoming, supportive environment surrounded by limitless opportunity.


Residential Life:


All five of our dormitories feature a large common room area perfect for lounging, watching TV, or hanging out with friends. Each dorm also has a small kitchenette area where students share a refrigerator and microwave. All dormitories have dorm parents who live in apartments attached to the dorms. Dorm parents work to foster a sense of community with their students by leading game nights, birthday celebrations, movie marathons, and other fun activities on various nights throughout the year.


Residential Life Meetings:


Weekly dorm meetings are held throughout the school year by dorm parents. Dorm meetings cover a variety of topics including conflict resolution, study habits, time management, and many more! These group discussions provide students the opportunity to learn from their peers, address any concerns, and build a supportive community within their dorm.


Weekend Life:


On any given weekend, students are able to choose how to spend their time. Students can relax in their dorm, enjoy the multifaceted student center, lift weights, play games in the gym, or sign-up for an off-campus adventure. Off-campus trips to movie theaters, arcades, ski/snowboard resorts, Target, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, sporting events, and other entertainment and shopping venues are offered each weekend!


Weekdays After Class:


At the conclusion of each school day, students spend a half-hour having discussions in advisory, dorm meetings, or Community - a school assembly with all Faculty, staff, and students in attendance. These conversations extend learning beyond the classroom as students, Faculty, and staff discuss real-world problems and solutions to topics such as peer pressure, substance abuse, consent, and many others.


Gym: Weight room, basketball, indoor batting cage, fitness room

Dorm Common Rooms: Watch television, play board games, relax

Library: Study, check email, homework

Other: Tennis, Biking, Frisbee Golf, Bocce

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