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At Grand River Academy, we know that young men learn best when they are immersed and active. Every aspect of our all-boys private college preparatory program is tailored toward an optimal learning experience. To achieve this, the GRA environment provides extrinsic motivation for students to engage with their classes, teachers, and fellow students in the classroom and beyond.

We encourage our students to discover their potential through a vast array of opportunities and activities that fosters growing into a well-rounded young man. Your son will have the opportunity to try new things both in and out of the classroom. From over 50 comprehensive courses offered, personalized and customized student support, and exciting weekend events and outings, Grand River Academy students experience boarding at its best.


Grand River Academy believes that involvement in the local community is very important, and is a vital component of a student's experience while attending GRA. Grand River Academy plans on strengthening its relationship and collaborative efforts within Austinburg Township, Ashtabula County and the northeastern Ohio region.

Giving back to the community you live in is an important part of maturing and developing. Teaching appreciation, not just of oneself, but of others is key in the development of a young man.
Connect with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss how to engage your son.

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GRA Parent '20

My son has been there for 2.5 years and has grown tremendously. His grades have gone up and he is involved in clubs and sports. The small class size and the availability of the teachers keeps him on track ...

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