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Why GRA?

Why choose Grand River Academy, an all boys boarding school, for your son? While we can tout our gorgeous campus in Austinburg, Ohio, our dedicated staff, our small class sizes, our academic programs, and our inclusive athletics, you don’t need to take our word for it. Check out the words of our students’ parents, past and present.

GRA helped him rediscover his confidence and get back on track. He is now attending his first-choice college and thinking about summer internships. I never knew a place like this existed!

Our son was lost. He had given up on school even though we knew he was bright. We didn’t know it at the time, but he has a learning disorder. The teachers at his public school were sympathetic, but they had too many other students to worry about, and the resources the school offered didn’t work for our son. Meanwhile, the bottom fell out of his grades and he was starting to be in real danger of not getting into a good college. GRA helped him rediscover his confidence and get back on track. He is now attending his first-choice college and thinking about summer internships. I never knew a place like this existed! I wish I had known about Grand River Academy much sooner. GRA Parent '20
It’s hard to describe just how much Grand River Academy has come to mean to our family. Not only did the staff at GRA see to it that our son improved his academic performance and gain acceptance into his number one college choice, they led him through a personal transformation. I’d like to share our story in the hopes that other parents may be inspired to give their son a second chance that could change his life. GRA Parent '22
When classes restarted I went to see the school with my son, but especially to personally meet all those that look after my child for me so well. I call them Guardian Angels. I got to see it all: his dorm, his favorite places, teachers’ houses, their impeccable lawns, but what I liked the most was the people. They are competent professionals as well as sweet and caring people. They are lovely. It is a true home for my son. He is happy and we are even happier by witnessing his achievements. He is already getting ready for college, under GRA’s supervision, of course! GRA International Parent ‘16
It's really hard to believe how fast things go. I am really grateful they landed in good hands and with such wonderful people at Grand River Academy. They often compare GRA and their colleges. Please know, GRA marked our sons in such a positive way! Thank you. International Parent ‘14

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I wanted to reach out to you to express my appreciation for ALL that you and your staff have done for him this year. I have seen such personal growth and maturity in him and I am so grateful that we found Grand River Academy. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the community and will continue to support and share the good news about the school. Parent ‘16
I am grateful to you and the entire staff of GRA for the work you did with my son these past two years. His transformation from boyhood to manhood has been amazing to behold. This, to me, is the biggest gift of his two years at GRA. Getting into college was simply icing on the cake. Parent ‘16
He was suffering at school because he was picked on and bullied. All he wanted to do was stay at home and play video games. We saw our boy’s bright smile gradually fade away, along with his future dreams. He was unmotivated and we were getting desperate. We knew we needed to do something different, but some of the options out there were just too extreme for us. Someone told us what Grand River Academy had done for their son and even though his situation was different from our son’s, we decided it was worth looking into. It wasn’t easy sending our son to school hundreds of miles away. And at first we thought we would become even more withdrawn. But by spring semester we couldn’t deny the results we were seeing. His smile was back, his grades were up, and he kept talking about how all of his friends were “like brothers.” Now we tell other families what we were told when we first looked at Grand River Academy: we don’t know how they do it, but you can’t argue with the results. They turn boys’ lives around. GRA Parent

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