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G.R.O.W. @ GRA

GROW | Grand River Academy Boys School Orientation | Austinburg OH

Grand River Orientation Weekend (G.R.O.W.) provides opportunities for new parents and students to connect with one another as they learn and prepare for life at GRA.

Student orientation serves students in three essential areas:

1. Physical transition: Moving to a completely different place without the safety net of having family nearby can cause great anxiety for students

2. Social interaction: The first few weeks of boarding school are an essential time for new students to meet people and make friends. The social aspect allows students to feel like they belong.

3. Academic preparation: Of course, the main reason students attend GRA is to learn. Orientation helps students with the first steps toward academic success.

The following schedules for Grand River Orientation Weekend 2018 will provide you with a general outline of what is covered in this years program. The daily breakdown of schedules are subject to change but dates of the GROW program will not.

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