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The boarding school atmosphere is a special place for growth. Learning does not just happen inside a classroom, but throughout the entire day. Our students are here for many reasons, but the common thread is that something was not happening in their traditional classroom - we thrive as a small school and we know all of our boys.

Our program is designed to help inspire your son to take charge of his education and by focusing on his strengths, he will become motivated for the future.


Grand River Academy believes any student can thrive in the right environment. By working individually with your son, we can discover what learning strategies work best for each student and connect the course with material in a meaningful way.

By offering a safe, structured, and supportive environment, your son can experience the freedom to test boundaries while knowing there are guardrails in place to keep him on track.

It's a unique approach that's tailored to each student. Connect with the GRA Admission Office to learn what could work best for your family. Please call at 440-275-2811 or email

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His transformation from boyhood to manhood has been amazing to behold. This, to me, is the
biggest gift of his two years at GRA. Getting into college was simply icing on the cake.
- Parent, 2016

Providing hope for the future. Hear from the Class of 2017 about what they'll miss at GRA as they prepare for the next step in life!