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Grand River Academy has excelled in providing students with the resources needed to maximize their potential since 1831. Our ability to assist every young man on their journey toward not just meeting, but exceeding their goals, is an essential component of our program. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in the dorm, students at our all-boys private boarding high school are able to get the support they need to perform their best in all areas of life.

With 190 years of experience, we know that male students learn best when they are immersed, active, and interested in their classroom material. This understanding of the male mind, along with decades of research on the best instructional methods for boys, has allowed us to create a learning environment for young men to thrive. Featuring small class sizes, a dedicated Faculty who are experts at educating boys, and an abundance of student leadership opportunities, Grand River Academy provides each young man with the necessary tools to be successful in college and life beyond.

The extraordinary amount of individual attention each student receives is unique to Grand River Academy. Upon enrollment, each student works with their advisor and the Dean of Academics to construct his own, personalized plan for success. Individualized plans allow each young man to explore his academic and co-curricular interests as he discovers his true passion in life. While no two students have the same plan, advisors work closely with their students to make sure they are continuously setting academic, athletic, and social goals throughout the semester as they journey down their individual path towards success.

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“What I like the most about GRA is the people. They are competent educators as well as sweet and caring people. Grand River Academy is a true home for my son. He is happy and we are even happier by witnessing his achievements.”

- GRA Parent '16

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