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Education is a large investment, and we want GRA to be accessible to the families who need us.

At Grand River Academy, we believe the investment in your son's education is one of the most noble actions you can take as a parent or guardian. It demonstrates commitment to lifelong learning and the importance of finding a place for your son to be successful. Since we also believe that boarding school cost should not be what stands in the way of your son reaching his full potential, we have financial aid options available.

Our small class sizes, dedicated Faculty members, and facilities are made possible in part by the tuition we charge. However, tuition only covers 80% of the operating costs of the school. We also rely on the kindness and generosity of donors that believe in the mission of GRA.



Day Students - $10,000

Domestic Boarding Tuition and Fees - $49,100

Student Expense Account - $500

Financial Aid

Boys Boarding High School Cost | Grand River Academy Financial Aid | Austinburg OH

Parents can apply for financial aid via FAST online. If you have any questions while completing the application process, please let us know.

Financing Options

Your Tuition Solution offer competitive financing options for eligible families. Grand River Academy is proud to work with Your Tuition Solution to make attending GRA a reality.

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