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Learning Support

From study halls built into the daily class schedule, to evening study sessions led by Grand River Academy Faculty members, individualized learning support is available to every young man. Tutoring and extra assistance is part of the culture here at Grand River Academy.

It's about maximizing strengths and realizing your son's potential.

Learning support and academic assistance are critical to develop during his time at high school so that he creates study habits and skills that will carry him to success in college. Discover two of the unique ways GRA helps your son to discover the ways he learns best.

Evening Study Hall

Living on-campus with all of our teachers is just one advantage students attending Grand River Academy have at their disposal. Weekdays after dinner, all students participate in a two-hour study hall in their dorms to ensure homework is done and class material is understood. Students in need of assistance are able to meet with their teachers during this study hall time. This additional face-to-face interaction with teachers provides students the opportunity to seek out additional help and gain a full understanding of each lesson.

Evening Study Session

During evening study halls, teachers from each academic department take turns hosting hour study sessions in the Knowledge Commons. Covering all subjects throughout the week, study sessions provide another resource for students to gain a full understanding of class material. Study session attendance is required for students in danger of falling behind in a particular subject. However, students in good academic standing are able and encouraged to attend whenever they’d like to.

Connect with GRA to learn best how to support your son in the classroom.

Meet the Faculty

Thomas Polak

Thomas Polak

School Counselor