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Productive Growth Center

With the availability of a hand tool workshop, students can individually, and collectively, complete purposeful projects that impact not only their emotional growth, but the campus community as a whole.MR. THOMAS POLAK, GRA SCHOOL COUNSELOR AND FACULTY

Combining Counseling with Hand Tool Woodworking

This one-of-a-kind program incorporates the art of hand tool woodworking with traditional counseling methods to help young men activate their potential – academically, socially and emotionally.

Grand River Academy college prep boarding school firmly believes in providing programs that support healthy lifestyles and the enrichment of character through emotional awareness. This unique approach to counseling allows students to receive the help they need while learning a new skill.

Incorporating Hands-on and Project Based Activities

The Productive Growth Center assists with:

  • Teaching young men the value of hands-on, project based activities within their counseling sessions
  • Integrating skills learned directly into recreational and social activities
  • Acclimating young men to focus their energy in a productive and positive manner
  • Empowering students to identify and work with issues to assist in educational and personal growth

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