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Foundations Learning Program

Learning Support for our Students

The Foundations Learning Program (FLP) is an elective program that provides comprehensive academic support for students with learning differences at Grand River Academy, an all boys college prep school.

The goal of the Foundations Learning Program is to assist the student in developing more effective learning strategies to reach his full potential as a self-directed and independent learner.

The Foundations Learning Program instructor builds a strong relationship with the student through appreciative listening and mindfulness exercises. Our instructors help and encourage each student to explore and understand how he learns best. Daily sessions with the FLP Instructor are designed to promote independent learning through individualized tutorials that emphasize learning strategies, organizational skills, time management, and self-advocacy.

Program Details

What's Included?

  • Daily meetings with an FLP instructor
  • Monitoring student progress regularly and communicating with the student’s teachers
  • Test preparation, test-taking strategies and testing accommodations
  • Helping students identify preferred learning styles and applying effective methods
  • Helping students plan for effective time management
  • Encouraging self-advocacy skills
  • Providing strategies for effective note-taking, studying, etc.
  • Providing and/or recommending assistive technology as needed

Who are the teachers?

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