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GRA Signature Programs

Activating his potential through a variety of ways that encourage his development academically, emotionally, and socially.

Discover the programs unique to Grand River Academy that exist to support our boys in their growth during the teenage years.

Foundations Learning Program

Daily organizational habits to hone study and time management skills, extra support in the classroom, and mindfulness exercises to help to stay focused are just a few of the benefits seen in GRA’s for-credit Foundations Learning Program.



Grand River Academy firmly believes in providing programs that support healthy lifestyles and the enrichment of character through emotional awareness as part of its mission to prepare young men for lifelong success. As such, GRA repurposed the lower level of Shepard Hall as a dedicated space for individual and group therapy, as well as an interactive and recreational therapy component with the hand tool workshop, in conjunction with GRA’s strategic vision.


Rites of Passage

GRA Rites of Passage

From budgeting and proper meal etiquette, to forming healthy relationships, leading a group and volunteering, eighth grade through post-graduate students are responsible (with the assistance of GRA) for their personal growth in given areas each school year.

What is the Rites of Passage?

The Term

GRA Term Program

Providing robust learning experiences, these two, two week intensives placed strategically throughout the school year, provides students with the opportunity to learn and collectively create experiential courses with GRA faculty.

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