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Grand River Academy hosts an amazing International Student Program at our boys boarding school in Austinburg, Ohio. The goals for our English language learners are: become an expert in the English language, develop the skills to be academically successful in high school and university, and to earn great university acceptances.

What's your goal?

Our international students play an important role at Grand River Academy. Their experiences from around the world, added to our domestic diversity of students from around the country, make the campus a wonderful place to live and learn.

The goal is preparing them not just for university, but to be successful individuals.

GRA’s International Student Program prepares students at all levels of English fluency for university placement within the United States, both academically and culturally.

The Academy provides support to international students by working closely with the consultants, and families in determining each international student’s individual needs. GRA provides a wide range of general assistance and support that relates to international student programming and assisting students adjusting to life at Grand River Academy through advisor support and faculty instruction.

International Student Course of Study

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