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"You're Gonna Miss This", a Reflection at Grand River Academy
"You're Gonna Miss This", a Reflection at Grand River Academy

Graduation, Alumni Weekend, and the 5th Annual Alumni Take a Stand commemorated a joyous occasion here at Grand River Academy this past week; the culmination and celebration of the hard work of our graduates and alumni. During times like these, I am often reminded of the song "You're Gonna Miss This" in which Trace Adkins sings, "You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days, hadn't gone by so fast." These words are fitting for graduations, but perfect for our moments here at GRA.

You see, most people will look back on their college days and think to themselves how quickly their years flew, and how much they would like to have back some of that time. I certainly am no exception to that rule. We, as GRA alumni, look back at our time in high school with a little more nostalgia than most. Why? For the same reason which was consistently shared over and over during graduation week by our seniors...they are grateful for the people of Grand River Academy.

They are grateful for the friendships they formed both inside and outside the classroom. The late nights with friends in the lobby of West Hall, trips off campus for karaoke or burgers, shared excitement of a buzzer beater in basketball and unified despair over a lost baseball championship. The general uneasiness of having a roommate for the first time and elation of a new faculty baby to hold in the dorm. These are all memories, experiences, and reasons why we are so fond of the relationships and the people who made an impact during our time as Eagles.

At a boarding school, at Grand River Academy, a teacher is more than a teacher, she is a friend. A classmate is more than a classmate, he is a brother. And a school campus is more than a campus, it is a home. For the Class of 2017, these thoughts may sound silly now, but with reflection and time away, the memories and stories seem to flood back along with the appreciation for those who made an impact and influenced our years as students. Graduation and Alumni Weekend was a time of perfect observation in the power of people. The hugs, laughs, and tears from those special to our graduates and alumni tell the story and will continue to hold true for future generations of the Grand River Academy family.

If you would like to get in touch with fellow alumni, or share your GRA experience, please email David Thomas '11, Assistant Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations, at

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