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What's the Buzz at GRA?
What's the Buzz at GRA?
Kelli Jones

Have you heard the buzz around campus? Grand River Academy is introducing a new opportunity as honey bees find a new home on campus with a bee-keeping program. Through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programming, students will investigate, create, and manage ways to help conquer the real-world problem of the decline in honeybees.

The Productive Growth Center will soon start building the initial hives needed. After students have completed this step, a safe and proper location to house the bees will be chosen by the students. Learning about the history of bee-keeping, honeybee biology, and developing economic courses centered around honey production are just a few of the ways students and faculty will be engaged.

Productive Growth Center Director and GRA School Counselor Mr. Thomas Polak shares his enthusiasm for the project "This is an opportunity for us to work as a school community in building, managing, and sharing what we're doing on campus to others around the area. By combining classes to learn in-depth about what's occurring to taking ownership of this project, our students are motivated to engage with one another and share their findings."

This undertaking was done with the support of the local beekeepers through the Ashtabula Bee Association and Grand River Academy is looking forward to the many ways this will support the students as they grow on campus. This is just one of the many ways teachers are expanding project-based learning opportunities for their student and providing rich intellectual and social means of growth to adapt to their strengths.

As GRA moves toward more project-based learning opportunities to ensure students are not just ready for college, but for life, the buzz around campus will continue to grow. From bee-keeping, to creating a sustainable food supply chain, Grand River Academy has a bright future dedicated to helping boys the way they learn best.

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