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Resources on Boys' Education
Resources on Boys' Education
Grand River Academy

You're your son's biggest fan and advocate. You work hard to provide him with the guidance and unique support he needs to grow, learn, and flourish.

It can be overwhelming if you realize your son is:

  • Falling behind in school and receiving poor grades
  • Displaying a disengaged, unmotivated attitude toward his personal and academic endeavors and goals
  • Contending with a learning difference
  • Not prospering in his current academic environment

Challenges to boys' education are prevalent in today's classrooms, as conventional, public school systems do not teach to the minds of boys.

If your son is struggling socially or academically, the urgency to find the right resources and solution for him is essential.

We've compiled a list of quick links to our extensive resources on boys' education to help you find the insight and support you're looking for:

Support for Boys with Learning Differences

Learn how GRA's Foundations Learning Program is developing more effective learning strategies for students with learning challenges.

Getting Your Son Back on Track

A Boarding School Education

Are you wondering if your son would benefit from a structured, individualized high school environment focused on his lifelong success? Discover if an all-boys boarding school education is right for your son:

At Grand River Academy, we're dedicated to helping young men thrive in all areas of life. We're focused on developing the total young man academically, socially, and emotionally.

It is our firm belief that with the right support and in the right environment, every young man can realize his true potential and achieve lifelong success.

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