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Remembering Winters Past at GRA
Remembering Winters Past at GRA
David Thomas '11
The first winter snow is always a big deal at Grand River Academy, and this past week did not disappoint, as campus was blanketed by many inches during the week! Some spent their time watching in joy at their first snow fall, never having the experience of catching a flake on their tongue, while others waited patiently eyeing the windows for when they could go outside without having to button up their entire jacket.

Snow in Northeast Ohio is nothing out of the ordinary. Our area is known as the "Snowbelt" for a good reason. Students though who didn't have the luxury of building snowmen or having snow ball fights as kids bring a new happiness to what we have found commonplace. It's exciting to stand outside and watch a sophomore from Texas run through the quad, or a junior from Dominica enjoy making a snow ball.

The winter is another experience shared by all students who have attended GRA. The "despair" of no snow days mixed with the simultaneous joy of a dress down day is characteristic of classes throughout the decades. Winter also provides the opportunity for much anticipated off-campus trips for skiing, snowboarding, camping and hiking. These journeys are yearly staples and have helped to create bonds during those long car rides to Peek-n-Peak in New York or rural Ohio.

For me, this brings to mind perspective. Snow means new beginnings and a fresh start. As we end the first semester at GRA, it's a perfect symbol to have snow and the start to winter on campus. Snowfall is a great reminder not only that life comes in cycles with fresh opportunities around the corner, but also if you don't like what's coming down at you... chances are it'll melt pretty soon anyway!

If you have a snow story or experience you would like to share or if you would like to get in touch with fellow GRA alumni, please reach out to me at I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

(Pictured is such a camping trip which made memories during the snowy season in 2007! From left to right: Tim Naughton '08, Rafeal Feliz '08, E.J. Kennedy '08, David Hagerty '09, George Blum '08, and Aaron Tiknis '08.)

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