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Join GRA for Graduation & Alumni Weekend!
Join GRA for Graduation & Alumni Weekend!
David Thomas '11
Graduation at Grand River Academy is the celebration of our school's mission and our students' success. It is the day many of our young men most anticipate and afterwards, look back to as a culmination of their efforts and relationships on campus. We are fortunate this year to witness 16 young men donning the cap and gown and receiving their diplomas on Saturday, May 26th.

The campus is always abuzz Graduation Weekend with anticipation, families, and tearful "see you soon"s. In recent years GRA has added extra opportunities to the celebration to add memories and meaning to what is already an exciting time. The 5th Annual Alumni Take a Stand began as a way to display to the current graduating class that they have a group of alumni and alumni families all around them that they can rely on for the future. Each year the number of alumni able to join the ceremony has grown.

Another special occurrence during graduation is a great offering of events and opportunities for our alumni to reconnect and engage with campus. From the Alumni Take a Stand, to the Friday evening Senior Banquet, times to sit in on a class or explore the Historic Ashtabula Harbor, there is much to do for alumni rejoining the GRA community over Graduation. Check out the full listing of events.

Years past have seen a growing interest and enjoyment in the Graduation Weekend which means so much to our current graduates and alumni alike. Registration is still available for the weekend and can be confirmed by contacting Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations David Thomas '11 at or 440-275-2811 ext. 246.

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