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Greetings from GRA
Greetings from GRA

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I'm excited to kick off our blog series for the new academic year. I would like to start by sharing how thrilled I am to be part of the Grand River community. My wife and I are galvanized by the mission statement of GRA, and we are here to live out that mission on a daily basis. I can think of little that is more important than activating the potential of our young men and preparing them for lifelong success.

We have an exceptional group of young men! Our student body this year is made up of students from 13 different states and 11 different countries. I know that this diversity will enrich the lives of our guys and help prepare them for success after Grand River. I have enjoyed getting to know each of your sons and can't wait to celebrate their successes and development this year. Their potential is limitless and I look forward to our talented Faculty walking with them as they examine, discover, and unlock that potential.

One of our focuses this year will be on the community of our school. This community includes our students; Faculty and staff; parents and guardians; alumni; the local community; and assorted friends of the school. Ours is a community that will be founded on mutual respect, and this expectation is foundational to what we want to accomplish with our young men. Each group that I listed above plays a key role in our ability to accomplish our mission and I ask your assistance in nurturing and growing our community. In order to accomplish this task, it is also critical that we communicate clearly with each other. So I also ask that if you have a question, please let me know sooner rather than later. I look forward to answering any questions you may have about GRA.

I would like to highlight a tradition as we begin the school year. Last Thursday we had our first Gourmet Night and focused on introducing our Honor Code. After dinner, students and advisors gathered in the Robert Morrison Lecture Center to review what the Honor Code means to our community. Administration, a Faculty member, and two students spoke about what the Honor Code means to them and its importance to the fabric of our community. Then each student came forward and signed a book that details their pledge to uphold the Honor Code as a member of our community. This was a powerful event and I left humbled to be a part of GRA.

In our Eagle Reflections blog in the coming months, you will hear from other voices from our school as we examine our life at Grand River Academy. This will be a well-rounded cross section of subjects that directly impact our community, and each blog will highlight a topic that illustrates "DNA of GRA". You will be able to find this blog on our website, in parent eNewsletters, and on our social media platforms. I look forward to reading along with you as we share our passion and community!

Go Eagles!

Tim Oditt

Head of School

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