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Call for Nominations!
Call for Nominations!
David Thomas '11

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, the GRA family from across the years will join together for the Edmund E. "Bud" Field Hall of Excellence Recognition Ceremony, highlighting awards for Distinguished Alumnus, Outstanding Athlete, Distinguished Service and Distinguished Teacher.

Named in honor of Bud Field for his 35 years of exemplary service at GRA as a teacher, dorm master, administrator, friend and mentor, induction to the Hall of Excellence holds significant meaning. Please consider nominating a special person in your life that has impacted GRA.

Nominations are kindly requested by Friday, August 3, 2018.


  1. Must have graduated at least ten years prior to selection
  2. Should be a respected leader in his/her profession, involved in career related activities
  3. Should have contributed significantly through his/her profession or personal life to the betterment of society
  4. Is recognized by the community as a positive role model for students
  5. Must be a person of good character and high moral standards

Hall of Excellence Distinguished Alumnus Recipients include: Ed Puhl '70, Jan Kallay '66, Jonathon Epstein '79, James Habermas '80, Richard Lippitt '81, Gerald Laurain '73, Gerald Moroso '77, Andrew Rocco '95, Tim Crouch '65, Scott Stettler '85, John DeCato '80, Scott Berkey '70, Jim Gill '70, Sonny Rein '78, Michael Baranowski '86, David Kiros, Andrew Seifert Sr. '84, Brad Levy '73, Dana Zezzo '86, and Allen Fritz '88.


  1. Must have been a member of the Grand River Academy faculty for at least two years
  2. In your opinion, deserves special recognition for touching the lives of Academy students in the classroom, in the dormitory, on the athletic field, and/or in other areas of Academy life
  3. Must be a person of good character and high moral standards

Hall of Excellence Outstanding Teacher Recipients include: Alicia Field, John Ginatos, David Kaderly, Larry Wilson, Mark Menzie, John Wooding, Joel Ferree, Richard Curry, Bob Archer, Brian Thomas, Barbara Wilson, Tom Kallio, Sonja Sargent-Robinson, Katy Studer, Louis A. DiFabio, Bill Thomas, Angela Thomas, Jed Trombley, Brian Ballentine, and Charles Soprano.


  1. Must have graduated at least five years prior to selection
  2. Must have a varsity letter in one or more sports at the Academy
  3. Must have had a significant impact on the Academy's athletic program
  4. Must have provided leadership to teammates
  5. Must have excelled in statistical data during his/her participation

Hall of Excellence Outstanding Athlete Recipients include: Leon Hinz '80, Chris Scholl '73, Joseph Chemelli '68, Mike Velotta '72, Richard Nahra '89, Paul Bledsoe '78, William "Skeeter" Wholf '88, Rueben Mitchell '71, Clifford Ewing '69, Roger McCaughtry '64, Erick Kahn '85, James Kassouf '99, Sean Shearer '04, Aaron Tiknis '08, Michael Baker '08, Danny Piccirillo '94, Stephen & Marc* Simon '05, and Todd Kaimann '86.


  1. Is recognized for his or her commitment, dedication, and long term service to Grand River Academy
  2. Must have made a significant difference to the life of the Academy
  3. Must be a person of good character and high moral standards
  4. Is recognized by the GRA community as a model citizen
  5. Deserves special recognition for his or her "gifts" to the Academy

Hall of Excellence Distinguished Service Recipients include: Daniel Marty '76, Donna Clarkson, E. Terry Warren, Herbert Gates, Richard Rose, Scott Fisher '79, Carl Bauder, Melissa Nipper, Patricia Ensman, Mark Polzin, Ron Ross, Randy Blum, Jan Lenart, Patrick Geschke, Thomas and Clare Polak, Molly Smith, Dick Rose, and Toby Shultz '85.


To submit a nomination for the 2018 Bud Field Hall of Excellence Awards, please contact Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations David Thomas '11 at or 440-275-2811 ext 246.

Please prepare the following information:

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Reason for Nomination
  3. How the Nominee fits the above criteria
  4. A personal story or anecdote you have of the Nominee

Nominations are kindly requested by August 3, 2018. Thank you!

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