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Winter Intensives
Leila Johnson

In the weeks leading up to Winter Break, the GRA Faculty hosted their annual Winter Intensive Fair. Students were able to choose from five unique courses, including: "Film, Literature, and Videography," "Outdoor Winter Adventures," "Contemporary Social Issues," "College Exploration," and "Dramatic Arts." Each student was given the opportunity to sign up for the course that most appealed to them based on seniority.

Winter Intensives at Grand River Academy provide a phenomenal opportunity for both Faculty and students to explore their passions in a less formal or traditional class setting. Emphasis is placed on not only learning, but also on putting into action important concepts through project-based learning. Whether it be through students putting on their own self-produced theater productions, planning and executing a hiking trip, discussing some of the greatest films of the twentieth century, or debating critical issues facing their generation, students are able to gain real world experience in and beyond the classroom.

Winter Intensives at GRA also provide students with a smooth transition from an extended Winter break into the second semester. Students have the opportunity to sit down with their advisors and teachers, and create a game plan for continued improvement throughout the remainder of the school year.

We look forward to sharing the continued success of the Grand River Academy student body over the course of the 2021-22 school year.

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