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Winter Intensives
Grand River Academy

After a three week Winter Break, the GRA community welcomed students, Faculty, and staff back to campus to begin winter intensives. Intensives were created to help with the transition back to the daily academic schedule. While intensives offer a break from traditional subjects and classroom environments, each class affords students the opportunity to expand their educational skills in areas that are potential major possibilities when they reach college. This year, students have the option of choosing one of the following intensive classes: Sports Marketing, Horticulture, Art History, Computer Programming, and Cold War Studies.

Sports Marketing, instructed by Mr. Faber, Mr. Crowell, and Mr. Ballentine, teaches students the basic principles of marketing and the impact of marketing on the sports world.

Computer Programming, taught by Ms. Lei, Ms. Mongeon, and Mr. Keim, will enhance students' computer literacy by using Python software to teach students how to design video games.

Cold War Studies, instructed by Ms. Armacost and Mr. Wismer, analyzes the difference between capitalism and communism through the lens of significant historical events between Russia and the United States.

Horticulture, taught by Mrs. Studer and Mr. Pavolic, will expose students to plants and biology as they explore the history of agriculture and learn how to grow plants.

Art History, taught by Mrs. Ginn, examines the evolution of art throughout history.

Unique to Grand River Academy, intensives provide an opportunity for growth amongst our Faculty and student body. Teachers are tasked with designing all aspects of their class, including the course curriculum, activities, and assignments. Intensives are an important part of the GRA program. They allow students to explore topics of interest as they discover their true passions. Intensives are another way Grand River Academy lives out its mission to help young men activate their potential and find success.

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