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Tips for Parents
Grand River Academy

Communicate with Your Son While He is Away

With all that's going on at boarding school, it can be easy to struggle making time for communication with your family. It is important to stay connected with your son while he is away, and keep him up to date with family matters.

Stay Connected with the School and Your Son's Advisor

At the end of every school week, your son's advisor will send you an email update. This email will inform you of their progress, achievements, and sometimes their struggles. At a small boarding school, it is impossible for students to slip through the cracks, and these weekly emails are another example of how dedicated our faculty is to our students.

Help Your Son Expand His Independence before Arriving at School

While boarding school will teach your son how to manage their own growing independence, it is always a good thing to provide the foundation for this independence before arriving at school. Prior to leaving for boarding school, make sure your son has the skills necessary to living more on his own. Whether it's basic cleaning, organization, managing money, etc., it is beneficial to begin preparing your son early.

Tackle Homesickness Together

Almost everyone who moves to boarding school for the first time will feel a touch of homesickness. This is normal, and it is healthy. However, it is also important to address homesickness together. Oftentimes, it is a radical change of environment when stepping foot on a boarding school campus, so it is normal to feel nervous or homesick for a little while. However, if you throw yourself right into the mix of things on campus and begin meeting new people, the feeling of homesickness will soon pass.

Encourage Your Son to Take Advantage of the Opportunities Given

The opportunities presented at boarding school are endless. There are clubs, student council, off-campus trips, leadership opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and so much more. There are countless electives tailored to excite and challenge students, and students have the opportunity to build their own academic schedule to meet their interests.

Know That Your Son Is In Great Hands

Any member of GRA's Faculty knows that working at boarding school is very much a full time job. Our entire Faculty lives on campus, and interacts with the student body all day long, seven days a week. There really is a boarding school family that is quickly formed, and the sense of community is unparalleled.

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