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Strategies for Students: Make this School Year Your Best One Yet
Kelli Jones

Last school year is in the past and a brand new year is almost underway.

How are you feeling about this school year so far? We hope you're feeling optimistic and already pursuing exciting, new opportunities.

We believe that every new school year holds a fresh start; a chance to forge a new path of success and accomplishment.

Ready to make this year your best one yet? Here are five strategies to make this school year transformational!

1. Plan out your school days ahead of time.

Strategically mapping out your day or week ahead of time can help you stay on top of projects, homework, practices, appointments, and social obligations. This practice will help you become more productive, remain organized, and create a healthy school-life balance.

A great method of planning is to keep an agenda – either a paper-based agenda or an agenda app on your phone. Find which method works best for you and stick to it.

2. Develop a study plan.

How do you study best? Flashcards? Group study sessions? Re-reading notes? Worksheets? In a quiet room or library?

Whichever study method(s) helps you learn and retain information the best, develop a study plan around it. Once quiz and test dates are announced, begin studying for them a few nights a week using your chosen study method. As the test or quiz gets closer, increase the intensity of your studying. Be sure to plan these study sessions in your agenda so you don't forget.

3. Branch out, meet new friends,and get involved.

Trying new things and meeting new people may be nerve-racking, but these outgoing acts can lead to wonderful experiences and new outlooks.

What sport, club, or activity do you find interesting and want to try? Reach out to the coach or club leader and ask to join a practice or meeting to see if you want to pursue the endeavor further.

Who seems like they have the same interests and values as you? Extend an invitation to that person to sit with you at lunch or strike up a conversation with him or her in the hall en route to class.

You never know what friendships or new opportunities may arise from branching out and trying new things.

4. Commit yourself to excellence.

Not every day is going to be easy. Some days, you may feel tired, bored, irritated, or distracted. You may also feel like skipping class, sleeping in, procrastinating, or turning in unsatisfactory work.

But, if you work hard and commit to being the best version of yourself this school year, you will come out on top and on track for prestigious awards and honors, college acceptance, and college scholarships.

5. Talk with your parents and teachers.

Your parents, family members, and teachers are your biggest fans. They want to see you prospering, realizing your potential, and accomplishing your goals. But for them to offer you their utmost support and guidance, they need you to communicate with them.

Make time to talk with your family and teachers about the successes you're experiencing, the areas you need extra support in, and your evolving goals and dreams.

Declare this year the year of your true transformation. It's never too late to get back on track, achieve your potential,and reach your goals.

If you feel your high school career isn't as strong as you'd like it to be, be sure to discuss ways you can improve your grades and high school transcript with your family, teachers, and guidance counselors.

At Grand River Academy, we help young men, like you, reach their full potential and transform their future.

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