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Reasons to Attend Boarding School
Grand River Academy

Parents and students may consider a boarding school for any number of reasons. Whether it be the college preparatory aspect, the desire for more structure, or the opportunity for students to gain independence at an early age, boarding school is a strong alternative to a more traditional high school experience. Ask any former boarding school student, and they will tell you their time at school was one of the most influential moments of their lives. That being said, here is a list of seven reasons why boarding school may be the right choice for you or someone you know.

1) You Will be Challenged Academically, Athletically, and Artistically

Boarding school is not just about studying hard and getting good grades. The boarding school experience is comprehensive and extends well beyond the requirements of daily work in the classroom. Grand River Academy will challenge you academically, athletically, and artistically, while our dedicated Faculty supports you all along the way. This comprehensive approach allows students to identify their strengths and passions, and explore them further.

2) You Will Build Close Relationships with Fellow Students and Faculty

At boarding school, you will be living side-by-side with not only your fellow students, but the Faculty as well. Faculty members serve as dorm parents, advisors, coaches, tutors, and much more. The entire Grand River Academy Faculty lives on GRA's beautiful campus, and each member is deeply committed to seeing their students succeed. Additionally, students at GRA enjoy breakfast and lunch with their Faculty advisors during the week, therefore allowing students to always have someone checking in on them and ensuring that they are thriving.

3) You Will Take on Responsibility for Yourself and Gain Independence

Moving away from home will allow you to take more responsibility for yourself, learn how to manage your time, and gain overall independence that will serve you well in college and in life. As you grow and succeed at GRA, the opportunities to gain responsibility continue to increase. Honor Roll students enjoy several privileges for their hard work and academic success, such as a weekly dress-down day.

4) Your Class Sizes Will be Small

Classes at boarding school tend to be small, but still allow for productive group discussion if needed. In such a small class, every student can be properly attended to and helped by the teacher. At Grand River Academy, the average class size is around seven students. This means teachers can tailor their teaching style to each individual student, therefore nurturing classroom success.

5) You Will Have Friends From All Over the World

At boarding school, you will interact with students from many unique backgrounds and from many different places. Grand River Academy's student body consists of students from all over the United States and the world. Additionally, international students have the opportunity to showcase their unique background and cultures, such as the "International Dinners" program in which students work with the dining hall staff to plan and create a meal from their home country to serve to the entire student body.

6) You Have Many Opportunities to Become a Leader

At boarding school, there are many leadership opportunities available for hard-working students to take advantage of. Whether it be in an official or unofficial capacity, students are able to lead fellow students, and take on a large amount of responsibility. At Grand River Academy, students interested in becoming campus leaders can become a member of the Honor Council, the Student Council, or become a Dorm Prefect.

7) You Will be Well-Prepared to Transition to College

Boarding school offers a good taste of what college life will be like, and you will be more than prepared for a successful college experience compared to students coming from a traditional high school environment.

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