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Motivating Boys to Succeed Academically
Kelli Jones

When boys come home with below average or failing grades year after year, it can be disheartening for the whole family. What many parents don't realize is that their son's academic struggles may be related to their learning behaviors.

With many public schools not catering to the learning style and behavior, many boys quickly lose interest and their motivation to succeed academically. If your son is not performing as well as they should be in school, there are things you can do as a parent to reignite a child's desire to succeed.

Establish a Support System

To help your son improve his academic standing, be sure to keep an open relationship with him while remaining positive. Assure your son that you are on his side and provide him with the opportunity for success. Many teenagers are overwhelmed by the prospect of the future, an issue that is only compounded when they face obstacles academically. Issuing a challenge to your son may help instill a sense of competition within your son, potentially giving him the extra motivation needed to achieve success.

Provide your son with a structured way to learn about his potential future through volunteering, summer programs and part-time jobs. Additionally, seek out a positive male role model for your son. A professional within a field your son is interested in can help your son to better understand his future, while providing your son with a mentor for success.

Provide Tools for Success

In order to further motivate your child, giving him a space of his own to work can provide him a more appealing spot to get things done, even if the work itself isn't interesting. Create time trades for your son, helping him become more motivated to quickly accomplish tasks in order to spend time on a preferred activity.

Motivate your son even further by speaking to him in a language that he will understand. Try to find ways to relate school subjects to different hobbies or activities that your son is interested in. Making a connection between educational subjects and your son's passions could lead to your child re-investing himself into subjects that he once considered boring.

In the end, teenagers are often motivated by three primary sources being friends, freedom and fun. By allowing them the freedom they need to succeed academically, a parent can help steer their child towards educational success. As a parent, work to find out what motivates your son and strive to empower your teen through your support. With the help of a strong support network coupled with the empowering tools that are needed to help build upon your child's successes.

If you feel your son could benefit from a change of scenery with their education, consider Grand River Academy. As a private boarding school for boys, the curricula at Grand River Academy is specially tailored to align with the natural learning behavior of boys to help them succeed academically.

At Grand River Academy, we pride ourselves on helping our students learn both in and out of the classroom. With a variety of exciting courses, educational field trips, extracurricular activities and the positive support system of teachers and peers, boys at Grand River Academy can build their individual identities while discovering their passions and realizing their academic potential. For more information on what a Grand River Academy education can do for your son, contact us today and discover the support at GRA.

How does GRA Support Boy Learning?

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