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Life Outside the Classroom
Austin Farber

There's more to Grand River Academy than academics - a LOT more! Student Life at GRA means a number of things: fun, life skills, healthy living, making good choices, and friendly competition. Students are encouraged to be active during the activity period, especially during the nice weather. For the fall season, students spent their time enjoying outdoor adventures (hiking, biking, fishing) and doing community service at a variety of local agencies. During the winter season, students are spending their afternoons building a campus model, painting, and speeding down nearby ski slopes.

We make social and emotional learning a priority in our boys' lives. Our student life program works to help educate and grow the young men who come through our doors. Each day during the week, we gather as a community after classes end. This time is spent with a different group of people each day of the week. One day we meet with our advisory groups, one day is spent in dorm groups, and two days we meet as a whole school community. Each week there is a theme on which we focus our energy and educate the boys. Some of the topics covered to date include: gratitude, time management, e-cigarettes/vaping, living in a community, and addiction.

We recently wrapped up Spirit Week! During the week of the first basketball games of the season, the boys had a great time dressing up in different themes during the course of the week. The themes included, Twin/Triplet Day, Character Day, GRA day, and Hometown day.

The Eagle Cup competition has returned this year! The school is divided into three teams - Gray, Blue, and Gold comprised of students, Faculty, and staff. Our community competes in events that are athletic, artistic, or STEAM related. Students can earn points for their teams through participation in school events and earning a spot on the honor roll lists, among others. We typically spend one of our all school gatherings every other week with a big Eagle Cup competition. Points are accumulated throughout the year with the final winners receiving the Eagle Cup trophy, prizes, and bragging rights through next year!

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