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Grand River Academy does its part during the 2020 election
Grand River Academy

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Grand River Academy opened the Bud Field Student Center for voters to cast their ballots in the 2020 election. In years past, GRA has been used as a polling site for voters in Austinburg, Ohio, and this year is no different.

Grand River Academy is one of eight polling sites in Austinburg and one of 104 in Ashtabula County.

Though many Grand River Academy students are not eligible to vote, the GRA Faculty made sure students are being educated about the candidates and why this year's election is so important. The day before the election, Government teacher Mr. David Crowell had a group of students give a presentation to their fellow students on the presidential candidates and their stances on the issues such as the economy, foreign policy, and COVID-19.

In addition, Mr.Crowell hosted a mock election on Election Day to give students a sample of what it's like to participate in the election process. "Although voting is important in every election, presidential elections are especially important and we want our students to be informed," Mr.Crowell said.

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