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Foundations Learning Program
Austin Farber

The Foundations Learning Program: What is it?

The Foundations Learning Program helps aspiring learners comprehend and then verbalize their individual learning strengths and preferences. Whether a validation or an inspiration, our goal is to empower students to articulate and apply their learning tools in becoming lifelong learners.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Foundations Learning Program is that a learning difference is a personal uniqueness, not a disability to learning; therefore, each student's learning needs are just as unique. Early assessment and identification of a student's learning style is crucial in determining the most effective and efficient methods of teaching to a particular student. Learning is a cyclic process, not a destination. Students need to "learn how to learn" in order to become lifelong learners. Empowering students with the proper tools, guided practice, and opportunities to apply these tools greatly enhances their potential for academic success.

Supportive and Successful Learning

The Foundations Learning Program provides a safe and supportive learning environment where students with diagnosed learning differences have the guided opportunity and explicit teaching to acquire the skills and strategies necessary in reaching their academic potential. FLP's mission is to inspire students to reach their academic success through application of evidence based interventions, individualized instruction, and self-actualization.

The Plan

To start, the FLP Director develops an initial individualized Student Learning Profile (SLP) based upon the current documented student learning needs, such as levels of mastery for reading, writing, and math skills and a diagnosed Specific Learning Disability (SLD) by a certified/licensed professional. The final step to complete the SLP is to assess each students learning level and style. Teachers will then use the SLP as a reference to differentiate their instruction, facilitating students' ease of understanding and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Structured FLP tutoring sessions complement classroom instruction of skills and content by providing:

Support – Assistance with present academic assignments;

Remediation - Re-teaching skills and concepts to clarify understanding;

Supplemental - Teaching additional content to increase prior knowledge;

Learning Skills – Test taking, Note taking, Reading, Writing, and Organizational/Executive Functioning.

Strategies and Assessments for Learning:

Introduction to Executive Functioning

Multiple Intelligence Assessment

Learning Styles

Goal Writing

Written Expression


Note Taking


Conflict Resolution

Problem Solving

The Goal

Ultimately, we utilize systematic methods and technologies in pursuit of constructing individualized learning programs, which empowers each student's learning style and self-advocation toward attaining their social, emotional, and academic goals to promote their lifelong success.

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