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Faculty Feature - Mrs. Katy Studer
Grand River Academy

Entering her 17th year as a teacher at Grand River Academy, Mrs. Katy Studer never envisioned herself having a career teaching science. "I hated science as a kid, it was my least favorite subject," Mrs. Studer said. As a college student, Mrs. Studer constantly changed her major until she settled on physical education. Not knowing that biology was a prerequisite class she had to take as a physical education major, she was forced to take biology and developed a liking towards science after years of disliking the subject as a grade school student.

This led to her first teaching job as a biology instructor at Bethel Christian Academy in 1989. She then moved to Alberque, New Mexico to be a middle school physical education teacher for 11 years before moving back to her home state of Ohio and becoming a teacher at Grand River Academy in 2004.

Mrs. Studer is our cross-country coach and teaches Biology 101 and 102, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Forensics, and Chemistry. Mrs. Studer says the best part about teaching at GRA is the small class sizes. She believes the small class sizes have allowed her to foster positive working relationships with students. Small class sizes have also given her the flexibility to utilize various teaching styles. Having experienced both public school and private boarding school education as a teacher, Mrs. Studer much prefers the intimate classroom settings and personal attention she is able to give students at GRA.

"With smaller class sizes I'm able to teach things and do things we wouldn't be able to do with 30 kids in a class," Mrs. Studer said.

Mrs. Studer has impacted the lives of many GRA students. One student who sticks out to Mrs. Studer is David Thomas, who graduated from Grand River Academy in 2011. David Thomas was a quiet young man when he first arrived at Grand River Academy according to Mrs. Studer. Since graduating from GRA, he has gone on to become the Ashtabula County Auditor with a burgeoning political career.

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