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College Counseling Update
Grand River Academy

This is the time of year for seniors who choose to apply for Early Decisions and Early Action decisions to begin to receive acceptance letters from colleges and universities. So far, the results have been great for the GRA Class of 2021. As of January 22, our seniors have been accepted to 16 institutions and received a total of $807,000 in scholarship.

Early acceptance to notable schools include Arizona University, Xavier University, Cleveland State University, and Kent State University.

"The college application process is difficult. There is lots of jargon and hoops to jump through. GRA's goal with college counseling is to make the college application process as easy as possible and to help students find the right college fit", said College Counselor Mike Wismer. "Every student is different and what every student needs out of their college experience is different as well. Our students have been able to find institutions that have the perfect blend of academic programs, cost, environment, rankings, student supports, and for some students, athletics, to meet their needs."

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 for their accomplishments. GRA is looking forward to celebrating more exciting developments and college acceptances from this year's senior class.

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