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Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Todd Curtis '06
David Thomas '11
Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight, Todd Curtis '06.

Since his graduation from Grand River Academy, Todd has enjoyed engaging himself in the banking industry in his hometown of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In 2016, he decided to follow his passion of mathematics and technology and is pursuing a new degree in theoretical computer science with a focus on machine learning. Todd discovered his love of math while a student at GRA in Mrs. Alicia Field's and Mr. Bill Thomas' classes.

Todd enjoys spending his time learning computer programming and applying that skill to gaming as well. He also loves cheering on his favorite athletic teams and spending time with family, especially his niece and nephew. Up until recent knee surgeries, Todd actively played tennis and basketball, which he learned to love in high school.

When asked for some of his fondest memories on campus, Todd responded "Sometimes I can still hear Mr. Kovacik singing in Warren Hall to make sure everyone was awake in the morning. I made a lot of good friends during my time at GRA. I know that Mr. Wooding has retired from GRA, but we had some great rubber-band wars when I helped out in the office during one of my free periods senior year."

His current advice to students includes "Don't give up on yourself. Things may not have been easy for you in the past, they may not be easy now, and they wont always be easy in the future, but there are always opportunities for you to forge your own path and work towards a future that you can truly be proud to call your own. I know that I expected to be much further along in my own journey at this point when I was graduating from GRA in 2006, but my many ups and downs along the way have helped me to find something that I truly enjoy and have pushed me to work towards making it something that I can be proud of for the rest of my life."

"I really did enjoy the kind of family environment that developed over my 4 years at GRA," Todd shared. "I haven't done a great job of keeping in touch with my classmates and teachers since I graduated, but I will never forget what they all did to help me get my life back on track from where it was before I started at GRA."

If you would like to get in touch with Todd, fellow GRA alumni, or be featured on David's Desk, please reach out at I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

(Pictured is Todd in his senior year posing for what he loved best, tennis)

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