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Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Ben Ellar '98
David Thomas '11

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight, Ben Ellar '98. I had the opportunity to speak with him and he shared the following letter:

"Twenty years have passed since graduating from Grand River Academy and I had found myself shortly after graduation working extensively on building, sailing and racing boats in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. I had always engaged with college and school as part of my life while working most of my years through all seasons in boat construction, which had become, is, and will continue to be, an enormous part of my life. Large influences and support for me are my wife Meghan and my son John; who had a very difficult birth and start to life, however we are all on the mend and continue to grow stronger and wiser together.

My very little free time is spent playing guitar, snowboarding, sail racing, wakeboarding, beach time, and I enjoy most things outdoors like biking, running and swimming in the sunshine. I have finished two Associate Degrees; Science and Arts, along with finishing the last portion of my Education Degree in Social Studies at Lake Erie College. I intend on moving into a local school district to teach Social Studies and I am currently involved in field work and student teaching, observing, creating lessons, material and presentations in local schools. I feel and believe it is a true passion for me and feel so much gratitude in shaping a more intelligent youth and future.

I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for every day, person and event that had shaped and influenced me at Grand River Academy. I am a changed person become of my time there, and I miss those times, people and memories terribly; which I think of often, where some of my memories make me smile, some make me cry... that is what family does."

If you would like to get in touch with Ben, fellow GRA alumni, or be featured on David's Desk, please reach out to me at I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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