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COVID-19 Information

Head of School Update

As our nation deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand River Academy remains committed to the health of each community member. In this vein, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared that all Ohio schools need to close due to the COVID-19 virus for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  

The decisions we have made since the COVID-19 pandemic started have not been made lightly. Our biggest priority is to continue educating our students while reducing potential exposure to students and adult members of the Grand River Academy community who are at a higher risk for a more severe COVID-19 illness due to age, respiratory conditions, or other underlying health complications.

In these uncertain times, it is important that we remain united as the Grand River Academy community. We are all in this together and all working towards the same goal.

Below, you will find information about our distance learning plan. If you have any questions about our distance learning plan, please contact your son's advisor or Mr. David Crowell. 

Distance Learning

Below is an overview of the weekly schedule that includes days and times when our teachers are readily available for individual questions.

Below is the schedule for due dates for student work.

Each Monday, all course content and assignments will be posted for students. This will be the lesson content the teacher would have presented in class including narrated presentations, videos, and readings. The assignments teachers will post will mirror what students would do for classwork or homework. Each class will have 2-3 assignments to do during the week.

All students have been invited to the Student Daily Sign-In on Google Classroom. Each student will sign into that class each day as a way for the Dean of Academics, Mr. David Crowell, to collect attendance. If a student does not sign in by 12 PM EST Mr. Crowell will be reaching out to them directly.

Each student is required to check in with their teachers during their Office Hours. This can range from an email saying that they have no questions to being on video chat through Google Meet to go over an assignment. The modes of contact may vary but each student must be in contact with each of their teachers each day.

We understand that we have students from multiple time zones including some overseas. Our teachers will work with those students to ensure they have time with them to answer any questions they have and help them work through any issues that may come up.

If a student falls behind on work, they will have mandatory meetings with their teacher through Google Meet until they are caught up.

The week of April 6, all teachers will be emailing their classes with relevant information about their class. They will preview their first week of class and make sure each student knows what is expected of them.

Students who are enrolled in FLP will continue to receive support from their teacher. Our FLP teachers will schedule weekly meeting times using Google Meet. These meetings will help ensure that students have an organized approach to their classwork. FLP teachers will also continue individual work on executive functioning skills.

If parents or guardians would like to speak with teachers, they should reach out to them by email and set up a phone call.

There may be some changes as we go along in this new process. If and when any change occurs it will be communicated to you.

Our commitment to providing each of our students with a high quality, individualized educational experience has not changed. As a GRA community, we are in this together. If any parent or student ever has questions, please contact Mr. David Crowell. 

Counseling Services

Our counseling services will also continue should our school closure extend beyond Spring Break. Mr. Polak will continue to meet with students on a weekly basis. As structure and support are essential to our student's success, GRA will provide the academic structure, and Mr. Polak will continue to provide the necessary counseling support. He will reach out to each family individually, so as to determine the best path forward. Also, to continue best practice procedures and ensure the confidential needs of the students are being met, Mr. Polak will be using a HIPPA compliant portal so he can remain "face to face" with students, which he believes is the best mode for long-distance counseling. 

We understand the burden that an extended closure would place on our families. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all make sacrifices to overcome the COVID-19 virus together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your son’s advisor or a member of the GRA Administration.