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success at grand river academy

Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH

Discover your son's potential. Imagine his future. Help him activate his potential. Grand River Academy, an all boys boarding school in Austinburg, Ohio, has a proven track record of setting our students up for success in college and life beyond.

The young men who attend our school activate their academic, emotional, and social potential through the hard work of our dedicated Faculty and staff.

See what role GRA has in your family's journey to graduation.

GRA Parent '20

My son has been there for 2.5 years and has grown tremendously. His grades have gone up and he is involved in clubs and sports. The small class size and the availability of the teachers keeps him on track ...

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Parent ‘16

I wanted to reach out to you to express my appreciation for ALL that you and your staff have done for him this year. I have seen such personal growth and maturity in him and I am so grateful...

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GRA International Parent ‘16

When classes restarted I went to see the school with my son, but especially to personally meet all those that look after my child for me so well. I call them Guardian Angels...

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International Parent ‘14

It's really hard to believe how fast things go. I am really grateful they landed in good hands and with such wonderful people at Grand River Academy. They often compare GRA and their colleges...

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GRA Parent

It's hard to describe just how much Grand River Academy has come to mean to our family. Not only did the staff at GRA see to it that our son improved his academic performance...

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GRA Parent

By spring semester we couldn't deny the results we were seeing. His smile was back, his grades were up, and he kept talking about how all of his friends were like brothers...

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Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH



representing 16 states

Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH


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in Northeast Ohio

Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH



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Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH




Grand River Academy | All Boys Boarding School | Austinburg OH



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1831 Day
Winter Intensives

The GRA Faculty hosted their annual Winter Intensive Fair. Students were able to choose from five unique courses, including: "Film, Literature, and Videography," "Outdoor Winter Adventures," "Contemporary Social Issues," "College Exploration," and "Dramatic Arts."

Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. No act or gift is too small to have an effect on the young men who call the Academy home.

GRA Soccer Partnership

GRA Soccer Partnership

Grand River Academy (GRA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with College Connect International (CCI).

Bob and Linnet Fritz Technology Center

Bob and Linnet Fritz Technology Center

Grand River Academy is pleased to announce the grand opening of The Bob and Linnet Fritz Technology Center.

Opening Day 2021

Opening Day 2021

On September 1, Grand River Academy began the 2021-22 school year with a five-year high for opening day student enrollment.

Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

Boarding schools provide so many great opportunities for students. However, the transition can be difficult at times. Here are some tips to help parents with a child away at school.

Reasons to Attend Boarding School

Parents and students may consider a boarding school for any number of reasons.

Academic Challenge Wins County Quiz Bowl

Grand River Academy's Academic Challenge Team is off to a dominant start to the season, continuing their undefeated streak as they became back-to-back Ashtabula County champions over the weekend.

Faculty Feature - Mr. Thomas Polak

A one year internship turned into an over decade long-tenure at Grand River Academy for Mr. Thomas Polak. As School Counselor and Assistant Dean of Students, Mr. Polak serves an invaluable role in the GRA community as a daily mentor to young men.

College Counseling Update

Early acceptance letters are starting to come in for the Class of 2021.

1831 Day
Winter Intensives

Unique to Grand River Academy, intensives provide an opportunity for growth amongst our Faculty and student body.

Giving Tuesday Appeal

With Giving Tuesday approaching, the time has come again for members of the GRA community to show their generosity to Grand River Academy.

Remote Learning Plan

Below is the Remote Learning schedule we will follow for any families who decide to keep their student at home after Thanksgiving break.

Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving Tuesday is an exciting and important day for the Grand River community!

Breaking News - Mr. Tucker Featured on ABC News 5

Head of School Mr. Tony Tucker made news headlines this week for being a trailblazing figure in private boarding school education.

Grand River Academy does its part during the 2020 election

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Grand River Academy opened the Bud Field Student Center for voters to cast their ballots in the 2020 election.

Alumni Profile - JB Stackhouse '13

JB has kept Grand River Academy close to his heart ever since he graduated from GRA in 2013.

GRA Preseason Training

As Fall Semester classes begin so does the beginning of Fall sports at Grand River Academy. competing with each other as part of GRA's preseason training program.

Grand River Academy begins the 2020 Fall Semester

Grand River Academy teachers have been preparing their classrooms to meet social distance guidelines and COVID-19 precautions throughout the summer.

Grand River Academy is Ready for School

The Grand River Academy 2020-21 school is officially underway! After months of careful planning parents and students were welcomed back to campus on Sunday, August 30th.

Faculty Feature - Mrs. Katy Studer

Mrs. Studer is our cross-country coach and teaches Biology 101 and 102, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Forensics, and Chemistry.

Fall Student-Athletes Return to GRA Campus

There is an air of excitement on the Grand River Academy campus as fall athletes participating in cross country and soccer arrived for check-in and registration.

Grand River Academy Prepares for Students Return

As Move-In Day quickly approaches, Grand River Academy is enthusiastically and vigorously working to ensure students have an fulfilling 2020-21 academic year.

Tips for Parents
We are well underway in our distance learning endeavor! It is our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible. As such, we have put together several tips for you to help your son be successful.

Grand River Gala

Grand River Academy has decided to host this year's Grand River Gala online to allow all members of the Grand River Academy community to virtually come together to support the Academy!

Grand River Academy Announces New Head of School

The Grand River Academy Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to appoint Tony Tucker the next Head of School.

Alumni Profile - Bill Jordan '05

"The teachers at Grand River Academy feel like a community that is going to do whatever they need to do to make a kid successful,"

Grand River Academy elects first female Board Chair

Grand River Academy is pleased to announce Sharon Tiknis P'08 as the first woman to Chair the Board of Trustees.

GRA Athletics

At Grand River Academy, we believe that interscholastic sports are an integral part of the school community.

Life Outside the Classroom

We make social and emotional learning a priority in our boys' lives. Our student life program works to help educate and grow the young men who come through our doors.

Foundations Learning Program

The Foundations Learning Program helps aspiring learners comprehend and then verbalize their individual learning strengths and preferences.

Finding the Right College

The process of searching for the right college is challenging for both students and parents. At Grand River Academy, our college placement counselors are always available to help guide students through this long and stressful process.

Engaging the Male Mind

The key to an all-boys boarding school is having teachers who understand the best instructional methods for engaging the male mind.

Honor Code

The Honor Code is not something to be taken lightly - when you sign your name, you are giving your pledge that you are going to strive to carry it out. This does not mean you will be perfect, but does mean you will always work for and seek after the ideal.

Alumni Spotlight, David Peck '09

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight, David Peck '09.

Motivating Boys to Succeed Academically

If your son is not performing as well as they should be in school, there are things you can do as a parent to reignite a child's desire to succeed.

Mindfulness in an All-Boys Classroom

Meditation for teenage boys? While Grand River Academy students are not performing yoga everyday, teaching mindfulness and meditation has become a daily practice within the Foundations Learning Program.

Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Ben Ellar '98

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight.

Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Justin Krainz '10

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight, Justin Krainz '10.

Social Media and Your Son

Listen (or read) to GRA's Podcast regarding social media and your son.

Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Todd Curtis '06

Success comes in many forms, as seen with this week's Alumni Spotlight, Todd Curtis '06.

How to Strengthen Your Son's Social Skills

The second post in our series on ADHD, this article looks at strategies to help your son build social skills and maintain healthy friendships.

Grand River Academy Developing Innovative and Transformative Educational Experiences

GRA faculty and staff are currently in the midst developing innovative educational experiences for students at an institutional-wide level with collaborations among teachers and across disciplines.

Congratulations to Mr. Allen Fritz '88

ongratulations to the 2017 Bud Field Hall of Excellence Distinguished Alumni honoree - Mr. Allen Fritz '88!

Congratulations to Mr. Toby Shultz '85!

Congratulations to the 2017 Bud Field Hall of Excellence Distinguished Service honoree - Mr. Toby Shultz '85!

Alumni Spotlight Series Featuring Ryan Cramer '93

Success comes in many forms, as seen by this week's alumni spotlight of Ryan Cramer '93.

Strategies for Students: Make this School Year Your Best One Yet

Ready to make this year your best one yet? Here are five strategies to make this school year transformational!

Discover GRA's Foundations Learning Program

Learn what Mrs. Farrell had to say about the Foundations Leaning Program, her approach to boys' education, and her experience at GRA: