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Shepard Hall

Grand River Academy is an all boys boarding school.  With 100% of our students living on campus, we strive to be the “home away from home” for our boys.

Residential Life:

Each dormitory has a large common room for lounging or watching TV.  Dorm parents live in apartments attached to the dorms.  Students have access to the dorm parents at all times.  Fostering a sense of community is paramount to our residential life efforts.  It is common for dorm parents to celebrate the birthdays of “their” boys, have dorm parties, game nights, and sometimes let the boys stay up after lights out to watch their favorite sports team play.

Residential Life Meetings:

Dorm meetings are conducted by the dorm parents on a regular basis.  With the goal of fostering a sense of community, these meeting are very important to the success of the residential life program. 

Weekend Life:

It is also very important for us to have activities in place each weekend.  Students are able to relax in their dorms, enjoy the multifaceted student center or participate in a variety of off campus activities.  Each weekend new and exciting activities are planned for students.  Often times the boys will look online and find concerts, events and different activities offered in the Cleveland, Youngstown or Erie areas.  For an extensive list of weekend activities, please visit our WEEKENDS AT GRA page.

What our boys do during their Free Time during the week:

  • Bud Field Student Center: Get snacks at Andy’s Café, ping pong, shuffle board, play music in the music room, billiards, and much more.
  • Thursday Night Live: After study hall, a "coffee house" where students and faculty perform music, read poetry and exhibit their talents.
  • Gym: Weight room, basketball, indoor batting cage, fitness room
  • Dorm Common Rooms: Watch television, play board games, relax
  • Library: Study, check email, homework
  • Other: Tennis, Biking, Frisbee Golf, Bocce