Work Stations in Grand River Academy's Listening and Speaking ESL 1 Class


Spill & Spell

The listening and speaking ESL 1 class is incorporating work stations twice a week to help the students explore language and practice literacy skills.  We started today with 4 stations and will be adding to them each week.  Our work stations included reading comprehension dialogues, partner dictation, a game of spill and spell as well as a quiz version of Trivial Pursuit Jr. 

The students adjusted  very well to the change in class and are receptive to more adjustments as time goes on. They will play a key part in helping to decide what stations will be added each week.  It was wonderful to see and hear the interaction between the students as they partnered through each activity.


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0490.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0486.JPG

       Reading Comprehension Dialogue                                                     Partner Dictation


Trivial Pursuit Jr.