The Value of Repeating a Grade


The thought of repeating a grade can leave an uneasy feeling in your stomach. No child wants to be held back, and no parent wants to watch their child go through the process. With education serving as one of the main foundations for social, mental, and physical development, your son might need and respond well to repeating a grade.

Reasons for Retention

Why is your son struggling in school? A thorough look at the specific reasons he is missing grade level requirements will help you and your son get in front of his issues and back on track.

Benefits of Retention

Repetition, if it covers the right material, often results in progress. The idea that all children progress at the same pace is a misconception. Pressing pause on advancing grade levels gives students time to advance academically and mature developmentally. This extra year could even give them an advantage over their peers.

Beyond Retention

If your son is contending with learning difficulties or destructive behavior, he won’t overcome them by only repeating the previous school year. At Grand River Academy, we know that every student has a unique way of learning and growing. Traditional school systems are often unable to deliver individualized attention to children. GRA instructors address each student’s precise needs directly and empower them to take control of their education.

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