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Boarding School Visit Tips

Boarding School Visit Tips

8 Tips for a Successful Boarding School Visit

Taking the time to visit a potential boarding school allows you to experience the atmosphere, culture, and academic and social life. To get the most out of a potential boarding school visit, here are our top eight tips for a successful boarding school visit:

During your son’s boarding school visit, make sure you:

1. Meet the school’s faculty, staff, and current students.

One of the most important things you and your son can do while visiting potential boarding schools is to get to know the people at the school. Take the time to observe the faculty, staff, and students, and have your son introduce himself. Positive interactions with current students and staff will be the tell-tale sign of a positive environment for your son to learn and grow.

2. Pay attention to the school’s rules and regulations.

During your boarding school visit, take special note of the quality of supervision throughout the campus. It’s important your son understands the rules, regulations, and codes of conduct put in place by a boarding school. These layers of support and safety will not only help him adjust to living on-campus but will also help him remain safe while living away from home.

3. Get a glimpse inside the dormitory halls.

Boarding school dorms will be your son’s home away from home. Since students spend the majority of their downtime in their rooms, be sure to get a glimpse of what the different dormitory halls have to offer – making sure they provide a comfortable and safe environment.

4. Eat in the school cafeteria

If given the opportunity, it would be beneficial for you and your son to dine in the school’s cafeteria during your visit. Use this opportunity to ask the chefs and kitchen staff about how they cater to any dietary restrictions your son may have. Plus, sampling the food will give your son his first taste of campus life.

During your son’s boarding school visit, ask:

5. What academic courses are offered?

A top priority for many parents and students is the academic courses that are made available to the students. If your son has demonstrated particular interest in a certain subject, ask a school admission counselor if the school offers a variety of courses in that subject. Variety and complexity of the school’s curriculum should play a role in your final decision. If the school allows, sit in on a class during your visit. This will offer first-hand insight into what the school is like inside of the classroom.

6. What extracurricular activities are offered?

The activities, clubs, and athletic programs a boarding school offers are just as important as the academic courses offered. Since your son will be living on the campus of a boarding school, it’s important there are a number of activities to keep your son’s mind active outside of the classroom – providing your son with valuable teamwork and leadership skills.

7. Are there religious requirements?

If you visit a religiously affiliated boarding school, make sure that both you and your son are comfortable with any religiously specific requirements of the school. Ask a school admission counselor about specific requirements, such as courses and services that may not align with your religion.

8. How does the school handle emergencies and medical situations?

Before you make a final decision, figure out if your top choice is prepared to handle emergencies and medical situations. Find out:

  • If there are trained/qualified staff on hand 24/7 to assist in emergencies
  • Where the nearest hospital is

Having the answers to these two questions can ensure that your son is safe at school. Most boarding schools are more than willing to help their guests and potential students with their search. If you have an interest in a quality boarding school for your son, take a trip to Grand River Academy’s all-boys boarding school and discover a top boarding school in Ohio.



At GRA, we provide the support and educational resources young men need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Your son will benefit from the personalized and supported educational atmosphere. Discover how your son can take control of his education and emerge as a resourceful leader.


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