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Value of Private School Education--- 1928 GRA Scimitar

Value of Private School Education--- 1928 GRA Scimitar

Value of Private School Education

Scimitar 1928

Grand River Academy


Do students realize the material value of a high school education? The question is rather broad but nevertheless is one of great importance to the future citizenship of our country.


Taking for instance, an average boy entering high school. Will he apply himself immediately or will he waste at least two years of his education before he suffers a rude awakening? So much depends upon a firm foundation acquired early in life, and it has been ascertained that these numerous instances are attributed to various causes. His parents might be disinterested, unheeding their boy’s progress. Financial responsibilities are great problems to some, but not to one who is energetic and resourceful, and who is favored by a certain amount of luck in the game of life.


The outstanding cause of high school failures is the inability of the average student to adapt himself in a large city school. He is overwhelmed by the vastness of the school. The instructor having a large number of students to each period, cannot give special attention to the delinquents. Soon the student falls behind in his work and is considered a failure by the faculty, in other words – a flunk.


The purpose of private schools here in the United States is to remedy these unnecessary failures. No normal person in possession of his five senses need to be a failure. There is always something that the individual can do better than his associates. This is where the private institutions take up the argument.


In the first place, only a specified number of students is enrolled. Secondly, a small number of pupils is assigned to each professor. Third, the natural talent of the boy or girl is aroused and developed, parallel with the required course. In this manner, the private schools of America turn out accomplished men and women of recognized ability.


For these reasons, these types of high schools are becoming more and more popular:  They are situated in rural communities at convenient distances from large cities. The students follow a rigorous and healthful routine and are not bothered by the distractions of the modern city life. The private high school is just the place to become “unusual” and thus stand out from the average run of humanity.




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