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Transformation Begins with Reflection: 15 Questions to Discuss with Your Son

Transformation Begins with Reflection: 15 Questions to Discuss with Your Son

How did your son’s school year go? Did he finish the school year strong? Does he have goals and ambitions for the new school year?

The summer months are a great time to review and reflect on the past school year and make necessary adjustments to stay on a successful, prosperous path.

Find time to sit down with your son to discuss his current academic situation. Reflect on accomplishments and areas for improvement, and use the conversation to establish future goals and discover what he needs to improve and find success.

Your son’s transformation begins with meaningful reflection. Here are fifteen questions you can use to drive a positive discussion and help your son assess his academic and social path:

1. Discuss what you accomplished this past school year.

2. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

3. What happened this past school year that you are least proud of?

4. What are the five most important things you learned this past school year?

5. What are five words you would use to describe this past school year?

6. What was the biggest challenge for you this past school year?

7. Was there something that was difficult for you to understand or do at the beginning of the school year but is now easy to understand or do?

8. If you could, what would you change about this past school year? Why?

9. Who had the biggest impact in your life this past school year? Why?

10. What advice do you have for the students who will be taking the classes you just took?

11. What would you change about your current school environment? Why?

12. What kind of support do you think you need – from me and your teachers – to achieve your potential?

13. What do you hope to achieve one day?

14. Where do you want to go to college? What do you want to major in?

15. What are five things you want to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?

Once you have a productive, reflective conversation with your son, step back and evaluate what he said.

What are areas he excels at? Where does he need to improve? How can you help your son realize and activate his potential and achieve his goals?

At Grand River Academy, we believe that every young man possesses immense promise and his own one-of-a-kind talents and gifts. Your son is no different. His curious and energetic spirit requires more than most public high schools and traditional teaching systems can provide.

Your son may require a different learning environment to meet his unique learning style, or an atmosphere that promotes healthy relationships and encourages positive social growth.

The next school year can be the start of your son’s true transformation. Discover how GRA’s all-boys boarding school can help your son thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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