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Transform Your High School Transcript

Transform Your High School Transcript

Transform Your Son’s High School Transcript for College Acceptance

College is an exciting and rewarding step in your son’s educational journey. He may have his eyes set on the college of his dreams, but you worry the bad grades from his past may hold him back from the future he wants.

There are several factors that play a role in college acceptance, and a low GPA isn’t the end of the world. Here are four areas your son can focus on now to boost his grades and gain entry into college.

Improved Grades

It’s never too late to improve grades. Throughout a four-year high school career, grades should show an upward trend. When individual class grades start to improve, the cumulative GPA receives a boost as well. As admissions committees see grades progressing in a positive direction, the chances of acceptance increases. If your son has the desire to improve his grades but is still struggling, seek extra help to leave poor grades in the past.

Admissions Essay

Arguably the most important component to a college application, a strong admissions essay can help a student stand out. Even if your son had bad grades in the past, what matters most is the path he’s on now. Encourage him to let his college essay speak about his progress, character, and ambition.


Senior year is not the time to start slacking. Admission committees look for strong performance through the duration of senior year. Remember, colleges want the best and brightest students to study at their prestigious institutions, making the admissions process competitive. Students who persist in making the most of their time and talents in high school often mirror how they’ll engage in college.

Extracurricular Resume

Students who stretch beyond the classroom position themselves as well-rounded candidates that would make a positive impact on a college campus. Listing school activities, awards and honors, community service, and work experience in an extracurricular resume will make any transcript stand out.

At Grand River Academy, it’s not only about getting your son into college. We take pride in inspiring all young men to take an active role in their education and reach their full potential. GRA will help you find the best college fit and guide you through the admissions process.

Visit to discover how Grand River Academy empowers young men to take the next steps in their higher education journey.

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