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The Summer Fun Continues

The Summer Fun Continues

The students have continued enjoying the many fun activities associated with learning throughout the Summer Academy!


Mrs. Angela Thomas has incorporated classroom learning with many activities within her ELL group. She introduced her students from ‪‎China‬ and ‪‎Russia‬ to ‪‎Geneva on the Lake‬, a local vacation attraction. There, she sent them on a picture scavenger hunt in which they were instructed to take photos of something edible, colorful, pointy, clear, fuzzy, cold and round (adjective list courtesy of fellow GRA faculty Mrs. Shannon Farrell), take a selfie in front of Eddie’s Grille,‬ and a group photo in front of the Ferris wheel. They ended the hunt looking for beach glass and skipping rocks. Her class also visited former President James A. Garfield's National Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio where they learned many interesting facts regarding US History.


Mr. Sean Kaschak’s Videography Class traveled to Cleveland to do some filming for their term project. While they were out, they were able to capture some incredible footage of downtown just before the rain rolled in.


The students have also enjoyed a weekend trip to Cleveland, dodgeball games, bonfires, BBQs, and making s’mores. GRA welcomed the arrival of students with the Foreign Links Around the Globe (FLAG) Program on Sunday and have been enjoying activities with them. Everyone is looking forward to a joint trip to visit Niagara Falls this weekend!
These are just a few of the pictures, if you’d like to see more, make sure to like Grand River Academy’s Facebook Page.

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