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Stay updated with current happenings at Grand River Academy. This blog also includes resources for families and friends of GRA.

Seniors submitting Early Action and Priority Applications

The senior class is busy meeting early action and priority application deadlines for their top choice colleges. Three seniors  applied early action to Case Western Reserve University. Great work guys!!  Two more  seniors  are getting geared up to submit  priority applications to Purdue.  The senior leading the pack for college 'applications submitted to date' race  is Zak Post. This snow loving senior has 'surprisingly' applied to six colleges in Utah, Colorado, and Vermont. You know what they say ' location, location, location!' Many other seniors are working on their lists and personal essay statements as well as anxiously awaiting ACT and SAT test results. This is such an exciting time for them! But now the not so exciting information for the parents: how to pay for college- I will soon write another blog that will help to inform and walk you through the financial aid process.
Fall Apple Picking
TOEFL Testing

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