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Memories, Excitement, and a Day for New Students at Grand River

Memories, Excitement, and a Day for New Students at Grand River

Some of my most memorable times at Grand River were the big events on campus. Times such as graduation of course, the first basketball game of the year, and finally turning in my term paper for Mr. Archer's Senior Colloquium all still bring back vivid, and warm memories of high school.

Naturally adding to those special moments on campus are Registration Day and the first day of classes. So much excitement is built into these two days as a young student about to embark on a new experience called boarding school. And by excitement, of course, I also mean anxiety, nervousness, fear of the unknown, and a dose of healthy homesickness.

Grand River celebrated its 184th start to the school year this past week. As I welcomed new students and families, I couldn't help but think how many thousands of other young men (and at points in our history, women) had experienced the same anticipation and fear of starting school away from home. It was spectacular though to be able to greet these new guys as a fellow member of the Grand River brotherhood. Our path to graduation and ultimately individual success is not typical, and neither is our campus. In a very short time, even a day into the school year in fact - our new students are making friends, trying a new sport, and beginning their fresh start.

As we move forward with this 184th year, I am excited to see how those nervous and apprehensive new students who made the trek to little Austinburg a few days ago transform. They are the young men we are so sad to see graduate, but happy to know they are joining a group Grand River alumni across the globe.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to speak with any alum or friend of Grand River Academy! Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


​(Pictured is Robin Nagle and new student Zachary '18 with his family on registration day)​

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