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Grand River Academy Announces Spring Academic and Athletic Awards

Grand River Academy Announces Spring Academic and Athletic Awards

AUSTINBURG, OH – On the evening of May 24, 2016, Grand River Academy students, parents, faculty and staff joined together in the Robert S. Morrison Lecture Center on campus to celebrate the many accomplishments of GRA students, both academically and athletically.

Congratulations to the following students on their academic honors and awards of character:

Outstanding Student

Class of 2016 Andrew Morro
Class of 2017 Jacob Schwitters
Class of 2018 Zhihao (Alex) Ding
Class of 2019 Binh (Ben) Cao
Class of 2020 Dohyung (Andy) Kwoun

Outstanding International Student
Shuya Takehana

Most Improved Student
Class of 2016 Pedro Fernandes
Class of 2017 Daniil Panarin
Class of 2018 Andrew McWhorter
Class of 2019 Patrick Spurrier
Class of 2020 Colin Tang

Trustee Bowl
Awarded to the senior with the most distinguished record during his senior year
Andrew Morro

Carl B. Bauder Cup
Awarded to the student who excels in character, leadership and friendliness
Franklin Wilde

Headmaster’s Cup
Awarded to the student who best combines the attributes of scholar, athlete and gentleman
Kenny Addae

Watson & Jan Kallay Award
Awarded to the outstanding senior athlete
Kenny Addae and Shuya Takehana

Cassidy-Schwartz Service Award
Awarded to the students who unselfishly and generously give of their time and effort in service to the Academy
Johnny Ania

Fisher Achievement Award
Awarded to a returning junior whose support of the Academy and whose service to his fellow students are exemplary
Tiancheng (Horneil) Cai

George Armington, Jr. Memorial Award
Awarded to the senior who best personifies the philosophy of the Academy
Dylan Porter and Brian Kennedy

Gordon Diemer Award
Awarded to the freshman, sophomore or junior who exhibits a positive attitude and exemplary citizenship and who works to his fullest potential
Keith Pezanoski and Trevor O’Hare

The Nonneman Award
Awarded to the students who produce outstanding work for school publications in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork or photography
Johnn Cave

William H. Jeffery Fine Arts Award
Awarded to the student who has attended GRA for two years and excels in drama, art, or music
Liam Eagan and Ningyi (Wilson) Wang

Dr. William M. Leseur Award
Awarded to the student whose citizenship is exceptional and who has excelled because of hard work
Avery Coslik

Lawrence J. Wilson Social Studies Award
Awarded to the student who has shown a sincere interest in how the Social Sciences relate to both the present and the future, and who has gone beyond the textbook and the classroom and expanded his knowledge of the subject matter
Billy Jordan

Grand River Academy also commends the following coaches and student athletes for their dedication, sportsmanship and athletic talents in Lacrosse, Baseball and Tennis:


Mr. Colin Ponder
Mr. Brian Charlebois

Special Awards
Dylan Porter MVP
Zak Zilke Defensive Player of the Year
Pedro Fernandes Eagle Award
Vincent Taylor Most Improved Player

Multiple Year Letter Winners
Pedro Fernandes Second Year
Dylan Porter Second Year
Avery Coslik Second Year

First Year Letter Winners
Franklin Wilde
Zach Zilke
Zach Thorne
Vincent Taylor
Graham Harrison
Sid Termuhlen
Trevor O'Hare

Participation Awards
Rodrigo Pascazio
Carter Nguyen
Duy Nguyen
Benji Artl
Michael Oh


Mr. Brian Ballentine
Mr. David Crowell

Special Awards
Brian Kennedy Most Valuable Player
Shuya Takehana Eagle Award
Johnn Cave Coach’s Award

Multiple Year Letter Winners
Johnn Cave Fourth Year
Brian Kennedy Third Year
Austin Shepard Second Year

First Year Letter Winners
Shuya Takehana
Zak Burke
Dorje Kutler
Anthony Slott
Brandon Griffith

Certificates of Participation
Colin Tang
Jordan Humphreys
Jake Lipton
Andrew Morro
Ajani Malone


Mr. Thomas Polak
Mr. Dan Riddell

Special Awards

Lucas Nguyen MVP
Rob Schlom Eagle Award
Jack H. Liang Most Improved Player

Junior Varsity:
Billy Jordan Eagle Award
Jacob Schwitters Most Improved Player

Multiple Year Letter Winners
James Zhao Third Year
Allen Huang Third Year
Mark Wang Third Year
Rodrigo Pascazio Second Year

First Year Letter Winners
Lucas Nguyen
Joe Ferrante
Jack H. Liang
Rob Schlom

Certificates of Participation
Billy Jordan
Jacob Schwitters
Tim Zhang
Bruce Li
Youfan Wei
Peter Guo

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