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Graduating High School for Unmotivated Students

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is trying to help unmotivated students reach high school graduation. A student’s underachievement in school can lead to his forfeit of academics altogether because he starts to view himself as a failure and does not see the need to continue studying or completing assignments. However, parents and teachers can make a difference in the lives of underachieving boys and help them reach high school graduation.

Take It Easy

Struggling students are not necessarily lazy students, and automatically labeling them as such will prove detrimental to their academic future. Parents and teachers should try to be more helpful than critical when it comes to a student’s work. As a parent, provide support by helping your son with homework, expressing an interest in the subject matter, and staying in contact with your son’s school and teachers. Don’t wait for your son’s grade card to assess how he’s doing. Talk with your son about any issues he is experiencing in his studies or at school. Encourage the idea that unsatisfactory work is a stepping stone rather than a final result.

Teacher Motivation

Teachers employ an array of motivational strategies to reach underachieving boys and adapted to meet each student’s learning abilities and personality:

  • Some students learn better when their efforts are recognized. 
  • Students driven by autonomy may prefer to have choices when it comes to assignment topics. 
  • Projects are a great way of attracting the attention of inquisitive students. 
  • Social and outgoing students may prefer presentations. 
  • Artistic students may prefer building models and dioramas.

Relate Academics to Life

Teachers also motivate underachieving students by relating academics with real life situations and current events. Teachers may:

  • Find role models in pop culture and sports to influence their students’ behavior 
  • Choose role models from peers who were once struggling with their academics and overcame the challenges to become successful students 
  • Invite these individuals to speak to the students in their class

Balance Work

Teachers strive to maintain a healthy balance between the assignments given and the difficulty of work. This work load mix helps struggling students realize they do understand class concepts and recognize the specific areas they need to work on.

Boarding School

We understand that the decision to send your son to boarding school is difficult. Many parents wonder if the academic advantages outweigh removing the child from the home. By knowing your child’s individual and specific needs, personality, and behavior, you can make a beneficial decision.

Boarding schools encourage children to be responsible while giving them superior academic opportunities, including small class sizes and high academic standards. With supervised study and a closer teacher-student relationship, the learning environment in boarding schools has helped many unmotivated students graduate high school. 

Learn more about how boarding schools can help underachieving boys graduate high school and prepare for college.

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