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Stay updated with current happenings at Grand River Academy. This blog also includes resources for families and friends of GRA.

GRA Students Building Towers out of Newspaper

It was a fun afternoon activity for several international and American students as they worked together to build a tower out of newspaper.  

During afternoon activities on Wednesday, several GRA international and American students gathered in the Robert Morrison Lecture Hall for a fun collaborative learning activity. The students were given a stack of old newspaper and a roll of masking tape and told to build a tower.  It was exciting to watch as they communicated with one another about how they were going to design their tower.  It didn't take long before each group decided and began the building!  It was truly amazing to hear their discussions and see each piece of newspaper being formed into their own unique tower.  Finally, with smiles of accomplishment, the students stood  proudly as they presented their newly built towers.


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